Wine Bottle Label Design

Custom wine bottle label design grabs attention, creates interest, and promotes a high-quality image of your brand and product. We work with you to create labels that stand out on retail shelves and online.

Creative Design

    • Fine art approach
    • Brand integration with consistent style, colors, and fonts
    • Designed to connect with your defined market
    • Sizing and orientation of label specific to your bottle size and type
    • Designs for any label shape, material, and application method

Custom Photography

Share your signature view, architectural feature, milestone event, or other unique image with customers. Photos can be stylized utilizing a wide range of processing effects. Examples below: Original, Oil Painting and Black & White. Click photo to enlarge.


4x6 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Bordeaux Red Umbrella

Oil Painting

4x6 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Bordeaux Red Umbrella paint

Watercolor Painting

4x6 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Bordeaux Red Umbrella watercolor

Black & White

4x6 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Bordeaux Red Umbrella posterize

Orignal Sketch or Painting

Commissioning a custom sketch or painting supports the proposition of quality that goes in the bottle. We’ll work with you to select your desired medium, schedule the project, and integrate the art into your label. Options include on-site creation or remote production from a photo.

Label Sizing And Printing

We design for most label sizes, shapes, surfaces, and printing processes, click to enlarge these examples.

2 x 2 (375ml) or 4 x 4 (750ml) Bordeaux

2 x 2 Wine Bottle Label 375ml split/demi or 4 x 4   750ml Bordeaux

3.5 x 4 – 750ml Burgundy

3.5 x 4 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Burgundy

4 x 6 – 750ml Bordeaux

4x6 Wine Bottle Label 750ml Bordeaux

3.5 x 4 – 750ml Burgundy

Wine Bottle Label DesignBurgundy size

Note: Label examples depict fictional entities and products, any similarity to other names or products is unintentional and coincidental. All examples include original photos/art produced by Downpour Media LLC.

Deliverable Digital File Formats

    • Image (jpg/jpeg, png, GIF, PDF)
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (svg, eps)
    • Other formats as required by printing or labeling process

Compliance Support

    • Required and optional Brand Label and Back (Other) Label data as provided by producer
    • Design and data review per Checklist Of Mandatory Information (TTB G 2019-12)
    • Design documentation to support Certificate Of Label Approval (COLA) application
    • Producer is solely responsible for TTB application, regulatory compliance, and trademark and copyright issues.

Other Packaging

We can help with other design needs, whether the product is an extension of your beverage brand and comes in a bottle (olive oil?) or another product sold in different packaging.

Request A Quote

    • We work with you to define the scope of your project (design specifications, schedule, deliverables)
    • All projects are quoted at a single project price
    • Revisions of project scope or specifications may be subject to price/schedule adjustments

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