Drop, Drizzle and Downpour

Our three-phase marketing approach helps you take inspired ideas from concept to creation. We can advise your project team, provide specific services, or complete the entire project under your direction.

We start with Drop, a simple analysis to determine market viability. We can apply this process to a new idea or to re-imagining of an existing brand, product or service.
Let’s move on to Drizzle, where we develop specific marketing themes, strategies and tactics. We’ll draft business or project plans, perform limited roll-outs and/or soft launches, and use market feedback to recommend improvements.
All systems go? Let’s create a Downpour of business with carefully designed mid and long-term marketing and sales plans based on specific goals and objectives.

How do we do it? The dollars are in the details! We’d love to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide a custom proposal that describes how we would help you connect with customers to launch or grow your brand, business, product, service or event.


    • Product, service or event definition
    • Market position assessment (industry, segment, category)
    • Competitive features analysis
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)


    • Marketing theme, strategy and tactics
    • Image and message development
    • Business or project plan
    • Soft launch or limited roll-out
    • Closed loop market feedback and improvement


    • Full marketing program (advertising, promotion)
    • On-going brand development
    • Vertical and horizontal opportunities
    • Business plans (annual, strategic)