Copywriting and Editing


We tell the story of your company, product, service, or event so that your marketing has the best opportunity to grab attention, connect, and motivate action.

Want to conduct A/B testing? We can draft several versions of your message to help you find the one your customers prefer.


Need better results from your current copy? We provide an outside look at why it might not be working and help you fix it. Common errors like bad grammar, rambling, vague claims, or pretzel logic can confuse your audience and lose their attention.

Here are examples that need editing we see or hear in advertising every day:

Current: “We’ll help you fix that old swimming pool up!”
Fix: “We’ll help you fix up that old swimming pool!”

Current: “We help improve our employee’s lives for the better!”
Fix: “We help improve our employee’s lives!”
— This one should get a total re-write due to a vague claim and we’ve never heard of anyone having their lives improved for the worse.


To start the process of improving your ad copy, send us a note and we’ll contact you before you’re done reading this pa……….

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